Embroidered Graduation Stoles

Graduation season is a special culmination of years of hard work and perseverance that results in an annual commencement experience for students to be celebrated by their friends, family, peers, and faculty. Lee Reed Embroidery honors recent graduates and alumni by embellishing custom embroidered graduation stoles for your special day.

Jacob graduating from UIUC in 2018

How it works:

Graduation stoles are available in a variety of colors and trims. Lee Reed Embroidery offers custom graduation stoles in two varieties: Classic + Trim and Angled + Trim. Begin by selecting the colors you prefer and then download our mock-up stoles. Customers can sketch or make a mock-up stole with the information they desire to have embroidered and/or sublimated. We request that all logos are emailed to Jacob@LeeReedEmbroidery.com in individual .PNG files along with the customer sketch.

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Graduation Stole Color Options

Classic + Trim:

Classic + Trim Graduation Stole Mock-Up

Download the Classic Trim Graduation Stole Mock-Up.

Angled + Trim:

Angled + Trim Graduation Stole Mock-Up

Download the Angled Trim Graduation Stole Mock-Up.